Ashta Lakshmi Temple

Presiding Deity:

The Ashtalakshmi (8 forms of Lakshmi) temple is on the sea shore in the city of Chennai. Lodging all the eight different aspects of Shakthi, this temple is one of recent origin. Apart from the shrines of the goddess, there are shrines for Sri Hanuman, Sri Guruvayurappa, Sri Ganesh, and Sri MahaVishnu. When one climbs on top of the temple, a beautiful panoramic sight of the city along the shore is visible. The temple was opened by Jagathguru Kamakoti Saraswathi Swami in 1976. The annual temple fair is celebrated in March April. The temple is also a good example for modern sculptures.

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Dhanvantri (+ 105.00)
Santhana Lakshmi (+ 105.00)
Vidya Lakshmi (+ 105.00)
Karunya Lakshmi (+ 105.00)
Sowbhagya Lakshmi (+ 105.00)
Hanuman (+ 105.00)
Guruvayurappan (+ 105.00)
Dhanya Lakshmi (+ 105.00)
Veera Lakshmi (+ 105.00)
Dhana Lakshmi (+ 105.00)
Maha Lakshmi (+ 105.00)

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