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Sri Madura Kali Amman Temple
Sri Madura Kali amman Temple is situated in Siruvachur Village off Trichy-Chennai Higway 15 kms. south of Perambalur and 48 kms from Trichy. The temple is open during Monday and Friday only as on other days it is beleived that the Goddess guards the village from the hills nearby ... Read more

Ashta Lakshmi Temple
The Ashtalakshmi (8 forms of Lakshmi) temple is on the sea shore in the city of Chennai. Lodging all the eight different aspects of Shakthi, this temple is one of recent origin. Apart from the shrines of the goddess, there are shrines for Sri Hanuman, Sri Guruvayurappa, Sri Ganes... Read more

Mahalakshmi Temple
The Mahalakshmi temple in Mumbai, is known for uniqueness, and piety. Anyone who visits the city, considers his trip incomplete without a visit to the temple. The central deity of the temple, Sri Mahalakshmi, is known for her kindness and compassion. The temple is situated along ... Read more

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