Group Homam Subscription

Three homams will be performed every month for ONE YEAR to usher in peace, health, wealth and prosperity.

How much do you save?
The subscription makes participation in all THIRTY SIX group homams performed in a ayear more affordable. The Subscription reduces the cost of participation to only $36 per homam compared to $48 (average Basic Fee) charged for the individual Group Homams. Also the subscription covers FOUR immediate family members, compared to a basic fee for ONE participant and additional participants fee charged in Group Homams. 
Hence for a family of FOUR members , this subscription will cost $9 per member per group homam. 

The offerings and DVD with the video recording of the entire event would be shipped through India Post every month.

What is a Homam?
Homam refers to a fire ritual. It is also known as homa or havan or yajna (yagya) or yajana. During a homam, divine presence is invoked into the fire using specific procedures. Then materials are offered into fire, along with sacred chants (mantras). The offerings are believed to reach the deity. The fire ritual is an ancient practice and several religions apart from Hinduism taught worshipping gods through fire.

What is a "Group Homam"?
Every homam can be performed in the price range of Rs.1500 to lakhs of rupees depending on the requirement of the devotee. The difference would be in the offerings made and the number of mantras chanted which translates into the number of priests who chant them. Hence the price indicated on the website for homams performed exclusively for a single person/family was decided on, based on the requirements(number of mantras chanted,offerings) and assumption of the cost that our majority of our users would be comfortable with.

The idea for the group homam was born out of many requests from people who could not afford the regular charges of exclusive homams but had a need to participate in these pujas. In the this case,the fee for the priests (the no.of mantras chanted) and the offerings would be equally divided among a presumed number of participants and hence we were able to offer the homam at a much lower cost which included video and shipping. The number of mantras chanted and the offerings will be in proportion to the number of participants and every participant's name and Nakshatra (when provided) would be included in the Sankalp.

The homams to be performed and the dates have been selected by our team of experts based on a variety of factors such as festivals, vratha days, auspicious days and planetary transits.This is a schedule designed by experts to benefit everyone throughout the year with regard to health, wealth, career and relationships.

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