Pujas for Relationship Problems
Sri Naganathaswamy Temple (Rahu Sthalam)
The Shiva shrine is dedicated to Sri Naganathaswamy. His consort is Giri Gujambika, is enshrined with Lakshmi and Saraswati by Her side. Rahu, the presiding deity worshipped the Lord here on Sivarathri day to redeem himself from the curse of a rishi. Sundays are very auspicious a... Read more

Jambukeshwarar Temple
For marital harmony, marriage, good yield and water... Read more

Masaniamman Temple
The temple is located at Pollachi near Coimbatore... Read more

Nageshwaran Temple
Jwara Hara Vinayagar at this temple cures all kinds of fever... Read more

Gnanapureeswarar Temple
Worshipping Shodasa Ganapathy resolves marital disputes and cures ailments... Read more

Svayambhu Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Temple
Disputes and disagreements between relatives or friends are believed to be resolved if both sides worship at this temple.... Read more

Kurungaleeswarar Temple
Pitru Dosha, Success, Family Reunion... Read more

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