Renganathar Temple

Presiding Deity:

SriRangam, lying in the heart of the city of Trichy, is considered a sacred place. Sri Ranganathar, Ranganayagi Nachiar, the 12 Alwars, Sri Hanuman, Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Sri Narayana are installed in the temple. Many kings of the past were involved in the temple construction, in the 3rd century. The festivals celebrated in this temple includes Vaikunta Ekadasi, Vasanthothsavam, Periya Pavadai, Oonjal, Periya Thiruppavadai and Brahmotsavam. The temple fair is celebrated annually in december - january. The temple lies in the heart of Srirangam town, about 2 minutes walk from the Srirangam bus stand.

Services are suspended till further notice. For more details please send an email to

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