Sani Preethi Puja Subscription

The Saturn transit lasts for two and a half years. Pujas will be performed on your behalf at the following temples to alleviate the malefic effects and enhance the benefic effects due to this position of Saturn every month for the next two and a half years.

Darbaranyeswarar Temple (Sani Sthalam)

The siva temple is dedicated to Sri Dharabaranyeswara. King Nala attained emancipation here from the hardships and miseries to which Sani subjected him. Enshrined within the temple is Saniswara, the presiding deity. The devout believe that they can get rid of their curses and spells of bad luck if they pray in this temple. Pilgrims take a dip in the Nala Theertha and offer worship at the temple. The worship here includes lighting holy lamps with til (gingelly) seeds and oil. After prayers, balls of cooked rice are offered to the Crow, the mount of Saniswara.The festival Sani Peyarchi, which occurs once in two and a half years, attracts thousands of pilgrims. On this day, Saturn moves from one Rasi to another. The temple is located in Thirunallar near Karaikal, in Tamil Nadu.

Arulmigu Magudeshwarar & Veeranarayanapperumaal Temple

This temple is dedicated to the Trimurti and hence we find shrines for Lord Brahma, Magudeshwarar (Lord Shiva) and Veeranarayanapperumaal (Lord Vishnu).In the battle between Aadhi Sesha and Vaayu pieces of the holy Meru are said to have been strewn at five different places which formed Swayambu linga Sivasthalas depicted by types of precious stones of which Kodumudi represents a diamond. The Sani Bhagwan shrine in this temple attracts a lot of devotees who wish to perform remedial pujas.


This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was built using granite by the Chola kings at Thirukollikadu near Thiruthuraipoondi in Thiruvarur district. This temple does not have a tower like many other temples built in this era.Lord Shani is said to have prayed to Agneeswarar, for being blamed for the woes of humans. Lord Siva appeared before him and praised him for being a just planet and asked him to reside in the temple as Pongu Sani, abundantly showering his blessings on devotees.The malefic effects of Sani (seven and a half years) are alleviated by worshipping here.

The Subscription will begin from January 2015 and will last till May 2017.

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