Rudraksha in copper

Copper rudraksha mala/ Rudraksha mala in copper from india.

Rudraksha mala in punchdhatu - 6mm
Mala of small sized five mukhi beads strung in punchdhatu flower caps.Five mukhi rudraksha is ruled ...
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Kriya Mala
The Kriya yoga meditation mala is 108+1 beads for kriya meditation practice....
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Rudraksha mala 9mm chikna bead in Copper
Mala of chikna smooth beads of size 9mm strung in copper with caps....
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Rudraksha mala 6mm in Punchdhatu caps
Mala made of uniform 6mm beads (size similar to pepper corn) in gold plated punchdhatu caps and wire...
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Rudraksha mala 6 mm - Punchdhatu
Mala of small sized five mukhi beads of size 6 mm strung in gold plated punchdhatu without caps with...
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Rudraksha mala in gold polished copper - 10mm
Mala of five mukhi beads of size 10mm strung in gold polished copper....
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