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Java Rudra Mala

2 Mukhi Moon Mala(5)
2 mukhi moon mala/ 2 mukhi moon bracelet from india....
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3 Mukhi Agni Mala(4)
This is 3 mukhi agni mala and 3 mukhi agni bracelet from India....
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4 Mukhi Brahma Mala(7)
Products for 4 mukhi brahma mala....
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5 Mukhi Guru Mala(3)
For those going through Guru(Jupiter) dasha. Five mukhi represents Rudra Kalagni....
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6 Mukhi Mars Power(5)
For Willpower, grounding, focus....
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7 Mukhi Lakshmi Mala(6)
For wealth and career success....
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8 Mukhi Ganesh Mala(4)
For removal of obstacles and achieving success in all undertakings....
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9 Mukhi Durga Mala(4)
For energy, power, protection and abundance....
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10 Mukhi Narayan Mala(3)
This bracelet is designed to be worn to give protection and peace to the wearer by blessing of lo...
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12 Mukhi Surya Mala(2)
For confidence, self power, name and fame. For those in service, business and politics who wish t...
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13 Mukhi Kamadeva Mala(2)
For awakening kamadeva within....
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14 Mukhi Hanuman Mala(2)
For pacifies mangal dosha, enhances willpower, balances the mind , gives strength and courage....
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Egadash Rudra Mala(4)
Makes wearer bold, expressive and communicative....
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