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Diety Idols

Shree Ganesha is worshipped before beginning any new project or venture as he is the destroyer of...
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Shiva is "The Auspicious one " he is the Creator as well as the Destroyer. He creates the goodnes...
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Lord Hanuman is worshipped for power and protection. Hanuman is described to be one for whom noth...
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Krishna Vishu Ram(14)
The peace-loving deity of the Hindu Trinity, Vishnu is the Preserver or Sustainer of life with hi...
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The Gayatri is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, & the Vedas. She is shown as having five heads and is u...
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Symbolically Lord Dattatreya is depicted with three heads, six hands, four dogs, standing in fron...
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Laxmi is said to be swarna-hasta meaning golden-handed. As this name suggests the Goddess pours o...
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Goddess Saraswati is regard as the giver of wisdom, education, intellect, speech and education....
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Goddess Durga is a form of Shakti worshiped for her gracious as well as terrifying aspect. Mother...
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