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Wondering about the authenticity of the pujas done?

That's a great question. We understand your concerns about the service and hope that we are able to convince you on the authenticity of the services offered through our site.

Firstly as you probably know, we were the first to start a service of this kind and this is the reason that the Silkrouote Indchem, the investment arm of the Sanmar Group, a highly respected industrial house in South India has joined us in this venture. An organisation of this size would not risk their reputation by getting involved in a scam. A few months after we started the service in the year 2000,there were about 14 sites who replicated the idea. Now after all these years only three of them continue offering such services and the foremost of them being Saranam.

With regard to how we assure authenticity through our service, as you probably know, with every puja order we send the puja receipt that is given at the temple. This is the only proof that we can offer as far as pujas at temples are concerned as nobody is allowed to videograph or photograph the puja being performed at the Moolasthan or the presiding deity at the temple. The concept of a reciept for the puja is more common in temples in South India and is absent in most North Indian temples and a few South Indian Temples too. In such cases we have mentioned on the site that we will not be able to send you a receipt from the temple so that you know this upfront.

Establishing authenticity is more convenient for homams, as we are allowed to videograph the homams and the video CD is sent to the customer along with the offerings. Despite these measures, we've had customers who would like to see first hand whether this service is really being done or not and they had sent their friends or relatives to check up at the temples where they had ordered a puja and were convinced when they saw that it was being done. Incidents like this only helped us establish the authenticity of our service during the first few months of operation. We are not the kind of people looking for short term gains by playing around with the relegious sentiments of people. We have been able to sustain this business inspite of the losses accrued due to the support of our investors and the faith and goodwill of our customers all over the world for the past so many years.

To keep your offerings safe, we use good quality packaging material. You can be assured of the authenticity of the offering and the puja. Customer satisfaction is paramount at If for any reason you feel you are not satisfied with the puja offerings that you received, will refund the entire amount you spent – no questions asked.

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