How do you do my puja?

Performing your puja is the task that is done with utmost care at Saranam. We believe that when we fulfill an order, not only are you happy with our services, but also we, since, we have delivered to you what we have promised. Since, you order with us, trusting that we do the puja truthfully, it forms more than a moral responsibility to explain to you in detail as to how your puja is actually done. What happens next after you place an order with us? Simple steps that are explained below should be able to give you a clear picture.

    1. Ordering:
    Ordering is the first thing that you do, that enables us to do your puja. As soon as you order, you receive an Order Confirmation Mail (Mail #1) from us. The mail states the following:
    a. Your name
    b. Your Order Details:
    i] Temple Name
    ii] Deity Name
    iii] Puja in the name of
    iv] Puja Date
    v] Shipping Address
    vi] Billing Address
    c] Cost of Puja (a)
    d] Shipping cost (b)
    e] Total Cost (Total cost = a + b)

    2. Franchisee:
    After we know where you have ordered for a puja, the next step is to identify who the franchisee for the temple is. (A Franchisee is an authentic person who is appointed by, who stays in close proximity to a temple. He is the one who actually performs the puja on your behalf). After identifying the franchisee, we send him a telegraphic message that states the following: -
    a] Temple Name
    b] Deity Name
    c] In whose name the puja needs to be done
    d] The date of the puja
    e] Any other special requests, if you have asked for any.

    3. Reply Message from the Franchisee:
    On receiving the telegraphic message from us, the Franchisee concerned reverts back to us and acknowledges the receipt of the message. This also ensures to us, that he is well informed of the puja that he needs to perform.

    4. Assurance mail to you:
    On receiving such a notification from the franchisee, we send an "Assurance Mail" (Mail #2) to you, stating that the puja will be definitely done as promised. On seeing this mail, you can also understand the status of your order.

    5. Franchisee performs the puja:
    The puja is finally done in the temple on your behalf. After the performance of the puja, the Franchisee sends us a message that confirms that the puja has been completed. This is a very crucial stage in the whole process. Unless the franchisee confirms with us, that the puja has been done, no other work related to your order can be proceeded.

    6. Puja Performance mail to you:
    After the franchisee confirms with us that the puja has been performed, we send to you another mail (Mail #3). The mail states that your puja has been performed as required by you. On seeing this mail, you can be rest assured that you will soon receive the prasad from us.

    7. We receive the prasad:
    Now, that the franchisee has performed the puja, he send the prasad to us. This he does through any local courier company. The prasad is received at our Chennai Head Office. However, the days taken to receive prasad from the franchisee may vary. For example, the prasad that the franchisee sends from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), takes 3 (three) working days to reach us. But, the prasad that the franchisee from Madurai (Tamil Nadu), may actually take only 1 (one) working day to reach us.

    8. We ship the prasad to you:
    There are two types of Shipping options: -
    a. Free Shipping:
    If you have chosen to receive the prasad through this method, then the prasad is sent to you through Registered Post. You should receive the package within 21 - 25 days of shipping from This is the most cost-effective option that we recommend. However, the drawback that this option submits is that you would receive the prasad later than normal.
    b. Standard Shipping:
    If you have chosen to receive the prasad through this method, then we pack your prasad in the Saranam Special Packing Material. The Package is then delivered to you through FedEx. Normally, you should receive the package within 5 - 7 days of shipping from This is the fastest option that we recommend. However, this option involves money, of course!

    9. Shipping Mail to you:
    After having shipped the prasad package to you, the next thing that we do is to send you a "Shipping Mail" (Mail #4). This mail will include the following details: -
    a] Shipping Address (Where the prasad has been actually sent)
    b] Scanned image of the Puja Ticket.
    c] Date when the package has been sent to you.

    10. Package Received Confirmation mail:
    After you have received the package, we finally send you one last mail (Mail #5). This mail confirms that you have received the prasad/product from us.

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