Saturn Transit 2020

The Transit of Saturn (Sani Peyarchi) from Sagittarius(Dhanus) to Capricorn (Makaram) occurs in January 2020. . Saturn passes through each sign for a period of above 2 1/2 years. Contrary to popular belief that Saturn is a malefic planet , Astrology explains that Saturn is a teacher and helps infuse lifes lessons into every person. At times the lessons are tough and this has been the cause of Saturn earning such a reputation.

Effect of the Transit on Rashi (Moon sign)

Very Good for Leo (Simham) and Pisces (Meenam)

Moderate for Mesham (Aries), Taurus (Rishabham), Virgo(Kanni), Libra (Thulam), Saggitarius (Dhanus), Capricorn (Makaram) and Aquarius (Kumbham)

Not too good for Gemini (Mithunam) and Cancer (Katakam)

The Saturn Transit 2020 is a report which gives you an indepth idea of what you can expect in your life during this transit and will suggest remedial measures if required.

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