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Prem Kumar Sharma

Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, a mechanical engineer, had great admiration for astronomy, astrology, numerology, gemology, Lal Kitab and Tantras. He had a scientific background and he did lot of research on these subjects.

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Five Years Analysis By Prem Sharma

Detailed report covering the major aspects of life along with...

Charges : 1530.00

Marriage Compatibility By Prem Sharma

Ask Dr. Sharma about your compatibility with your spouse (present...

Charges : 3100.00

Business Compatibility By Prem Sharma

Having a business or going to start a business with...

Charges : 5000.00

Dream Interpretations By Prem Sharma

I dreamt of doing pooja of Goddess Durga yesterday night....

Charges : 2100.00

Ask 1 Question By Prem Sharma

Dr. Sharma will reply a single specific question related to...

Charges : 2100.00

Ask 3 Questions By Prem Sharma

Ask any three questions related to a single person and...

Charges : 5040.00

One Year Analysis By Prem Sharma

One year report covering all the aspects such as health,...

Charges : 5100.00

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