Mahajwala mala

For: Dissolving past birth karma. For good health and freedom from stress.                

Three mukhi Rudraksha represents "Fire" God Agnidev and planet Sun . Wearing of this Rudraksha frees the person from bondages of his Past birth karma. Wearer is protected from diseases, obstacles and failures. Removal of past birth karma allows the wearer to get all the success he wants in this birth by karma in this birth. It is said that the wearer of 3 mukhi never takes birth again, means he gets Moksha.      

Therapeutic benefits: Relieves stress. Gives relief in case of acidity, liver and digestive disorders.  
Design - Rare mala of uniform 3 mukhi Java beads of size approx 10mm.            

Ruling deity: Agni          
Ruling planet: Sun        

Beej Mantra: Om Kleem Namah            
Planet Mantra: Om Hreem Suryay Namah            

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