Symbol Currency Price
INR (Rs.) India Rupees

Rs 2250

USD ($) United States Dollars

$ 30.61

GBP () United Kingdom Pounds


EUR () Euros 25.25
AED UAE Dirhams AED 112.41
SGD ($) Singapore Dollars SGD 40.68
CAD ($) Canadian Dollars CAD 38.66
AUD ($) Australian Dollars AUD 39.16
MYR (RM) Malaysia Ringets RM 124.32
JPY() Japanese Yen 3,263.92
What exchange rates are these?
We obtain our rates from a wide variety of sources. We strive to always include the latest available market data from live, real-time rate feeds containing data from foreign exchange markets all around the world. Where a specific currency is not regularly traded, we use the most recent data available.