Venue :  Chennai
Date    :  December 16, 2014


Saturn transits Thula (Libra) on November 2, 2014 at about 16:09 hours according to Lahiri Ayanamsha.
Saturn enters Vrischika (Scorpio) to stay there for a period of 2.5 years.
Saturn leaves Libra the sign of exaltation and enters the Vrischika (Scorpio) a sign ruled by Mars which isnt favorable.Therefore in general for all this is not a welcome transit. However individual results will vary based on other factors. To check how this transit affects you get your customised Saturn Transit Report.
Saturn stays in this position from From November 2, 2014 to January 26, 2017.
The above is according to the Lahiri. However according to the Vakkya Panchang followed by priests and temples including the Tirunallar Sani sthalam the Saturn Transit occurs on 16th December 2014.
Hence we will perform the Sani Preethi Homam twice during this transit. The first will be performed on 8th November 2014 and the next on 16th December 2014.
• Reduce mental tension
• To remove debt and poverty
• Financial prosperity and stability
• Cure feet and joint pains
• Promote smooth functioning of business
• Overcome laziness
• It also helps to make favourable situations / position
• To minimize the ill effects of afflicted Saturn and protect from any      malefic effects
• Regain health

Saturn transits Thula (Libra) to Vrischika (Scorpio) on December 16, 2014 at about 02:44PM according to the Vakya Panchangam. The Sani Sthalam at Thirunallaar follows this panchang.There are different dates of this transit specified by various almanacs.According to the Thirukanidha Panchangam it is 1st November, 2nd November by Lahiri and KP and 16th December according to the Vakya Panchangam. We need to understand that the effects of this transit are not concentrated on a single day and last two and a half years which is the period that Saturn occupies in each house before its next transit. In fact, some experts opine that the effects of the transit are apparent even six months before the transit happens.

What does this transit mean and which Rashis are affected?

The placement of Saturn or Shani has various kinds of effects on the rashi's. Saturns sight is directly on 3rd House Makara, 7th House Vrishabha and 10th House Simha. The following list will throw light on what each of these Rashi's can expect from this transit.

Mesha - Need extreme caution. Ashtama shani starts

Vrishabha - Need to be cautious and not not get involved in unnecessary issues

Mithuna- Very favorable

Kataka - Normal.Arthashtama shani ends

Simha - Need extreme caution.Arthashama Shani starts

Kanni- Very favorable. 7 1/2 Shani ends

Thula- Normal

Vrischika - Need extreme caution

Dhanus - Need to be cautious and not not get involved in unnecessary issues.7 1/2 Shani starts

Makara - Very favorable

Kumbha - Need to be cautious and not not get involved in unnecessary issues

Meena - Normal.Ashtama Sani ends


In case this transit seems unfavourable, the following remedies are suggested by experts

1.Puja at the following temples





2.Observe fast on Saturdays at least for one meal. 

3.Consume only vegetarian food on Saturdays

4.Light a lamp for Lord Shani on Saturdays




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