There are three different Vedic Horoscope chart notations, which are functionally equivalent but quite different in appearance. The following images show the same Vedic Horoscope chart in the two main notations - North Indian and South Indian. The third notation is followed in Eastern parts of India.

North Indian Natal Chart

In the North Indian notation, the house positions are fixed (1st house top middle, with the rest following in counterclockwise order) and the signs of the zodiac are indicated by numbers in the chart (1 for Aries, and so on).

South Indian Natal Chart

Conversely, in the South Indian notation, the signs of the zodiac have fixed positions (Aries always occupies the 2nd box from the left in the top row, with the rest following in clockwise order), and the first house is marked "As" (for ascendant) with the rest following in clockwise order.

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