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Gauri Shankar Mala Java

This products for Gauri Shankar Mala Java.

Gauri Shankar wrist mala
Gauri Shankar beads are strung together to create this elegant yet powerful wrist mala. Gauri Shanka...
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Gauri Shankar Kantha - Java - 7 mukhi- 18 mukhi
Design: Made of 1 bead each of 7 mukhi Gauri Shankar till 18 mukhi Gauri Shankar...
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Gauri Shankar Kantha (Javanese beads)
This very powerful Kantha is made up highest grade Java Gauri Shankar beads of size approx 20mm....
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Gauri Shankar Mala Java - 6 mukhi - 19 mukhi
Beads are of Java origin in large sizes....
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