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CVB Subramaniam

Dr. CVB Subramaniam is a vedic astrologer and Head of the department of Astrology, Potti Sri Ramulu Telgu University, Hyderabad. He is the Member of Theosophical Society and Universal Brotherhood, Madras and The member of The International Council of Astrological and Occult Sciences. 

Know Our Astrologer

Mahurta's for Marriage

Mahurta's for Marriage by C V B SUBRAHMANYAM


Charges : 3000.00

Mahurta's for New Gruhapravesham

Mahurta's for New Gruhapravesham (includes chart analysis) by C V...

Charges : 2000.00

Mahurta's for Jeerna Gruhapravesham

Mahurta's for Jeerna gruhapravesham (rented house) by C V B...

Charges : 500.00

Mahurta's for wedding night (Garbhadaanam)

Mahurta's for wedding night (Garbhadaanam) by C V B SUBRAHMANYAM


Charges : 1000.00

Mahurta's for beginning New Job

Mahurta's for beginning New Job by C V B SUBRAHMANYAM


Charges : 500.00

Mahurta's for Naamakaranam

Mahurta's for Naamakaranam by C V B SUBRAHMANYAM


Charges : 500.00

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